I have been a Roanoke resident since birth. So far, I have never traveled anywhere that compares to the wonderful lifestyle that the Roanoke Valley offers. My wife, Jennifer, and I chose to stay in the Roanoke Valley once we were married. We have one son named Greyson and two daughters named Addison and Ellason. We also have two Cocker Spaniels, named Molly and Sandi.

My graphic design background began at Roanoke College, where I earned my undergraduate B.A. in Fine Art with a Marketing Concentration. Through college, I worked as a freelance graphic designer and as a designer in the college's Publications Office. Shortly before graduating in 2001, I began working at The Roanoke Times as a graphic designer in their advertising department. My five years of experience at The Roanoke Times gave me a large amount of technical prepress knowledge as well as creative development and design.

In 2006, I earned my Masters in Elementary Education and began my teaching career immediately that fall. I am state licensed to teach both PK-6 General Curriculum and K-12 Art. Currently, I am a 3rd grade teacher for Roanoke City Public Schools.

Although, teaching is my career and passion, I have a strong affinity and aptitude for graphic design in both print and web design. Whether you are looking for quick solutions for a small business need or long term planning to meet a larger business goal, my design expertise can help you obtain your desired outcome.